Monthly Drawing Winners!

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Micky Gramlin, IN, USA

Previous winners:

Margaret Gaskin, LA, USA

Gloria Steward, TN, USA

Chintua Alozie, NY, USA

Alice Ulmaniec, WI, USA

Cassandra Townsend, KY, USA

Dean Hart, ID, USA

Linda Huggins, FL, USA

Cameron Huck, WI, USA

Paul Darby, TX, USA

Walt Murakami, CA, USA

Jim Cunningham, OH, USA

Billy Guetersloh, TX, USA

Joseph Freyaldenhoven, AR, USA

Adrian Davies, UK

Sarah McGee, Oklahoma, USA

Reinaldo White, New Mexico, USA

Daniel Mancuso, California, USA

Dan Abra, Ontario, Canada

Melvin McKenzie, CA, USA

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